Case Studies

Case Studies-Billing Disputes

Vets Surgery

Bills backdated 5 years, total claim £3,800. Pointed out to the supplier they were in breach of their own rules. Refund of £2,000 offered. This differed from my calculations; the supplier checked my figures and agreed their methodology for calculating the refund was wrong. Final bill agreed at £500, a reduction of £3,300.


Electricity meter misread for 10 years. Initial charge of £69,000 reduced to £27,000 by the supplier. After negotiations agreed a final bill of £8,000.

Garage and Car Sales

Client rebilled an extra £1,600 a year after the meter was changed. Agreed revised meter readings with supplier and obtained a refund of £1,800.

Industrial Estate

Client had queried bills for 2 years and some had been adjusted. Meter readings were incorrect but the supplier was pressing for payment of £24,000. Raised a formal complaint on 4 different grounds; the supplier agreed they were in error and offered to recalculate bills for the previous three years.

Bills finally reduced by £14,000. Using the supplier’s data I proved that 25 out of 36 monthly bills were wrong.

Food Wholesaler

The client received a backdated bill of £34,000 because the meter had been incorrectly read.  I verified that the invoice was correct then pointed out to the supplier the number of mistakes made in processing meter readings. As a result they reduced the bill by 25% saving £8900

Social Club

Smart meter not working. The client had complained but nothing happened, all bills were estimated. After a year the client stopped paying. I intervened and a new meter was installed but was wrongly set for single day readings. Finally met engineer on site and meter corrected. Used current data over 3 months to recalculate the previous year’s costs. Supplier rejected figures at first but eventually agreed a reduction of £3,700 representing 35% of original bills.

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